Conquests icon
Amazing strategy in Civilization style
Knights of War icon
Turn-based strategy in medieval England
Dungeon Colony icon
Become the Dungeon Lord
Lix icon
A multiplayer version of the traditional Lemmings
Dungeon Door icon
A strategy-based RPG with animals
Muamba Wars - Fight Against Piracy icon
Fight against piracy in the borders of Brazil
Custom Wars icon
An open-source version of Advance Wars
The Cursed icon
Space marines and the undead face off
OpenClonk icon
Shape your own two-dimensional world
Corsix-TH icon
Play Theme Hospital on the newest operating systems
Conquest of Elysium II icon
Turn-based strategy in a world of magic and battles
Strange Adventures in Infinite Space icon
Space is not only infinite, but very strange
Zero-K icon
Free, quality real time strategy
Panzar icon
Fierce player vs player combats through Internet
Bridge Project icon
Create a bridge that will support anything
Crasleen: Drums of War icon
Orcs, knights, and undead face off
Gunswords icon
Tactical combat where only the best strategist will win
The Ur-Quan Masters icon
Cruise outer space and live your own adventure
I, Mayor icon
Become the mayor of a small town
Telepath Tactics icon
Strategy and role in a very special fantasy world
Tales of Middle Earth icon
Lord of the Rings and Age of Empires 2 collide
Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten icon
Strategy, role-playing, and tower defense all in one
Beware Planet Earth! icon
Defend the Earth from alien attack
Galactic Civilizations II icon
Why conquer the world when you can conquer the galaxy?
Xenonauts icon
The fight against aliens never stops
King of Dragon Pass icon
Become the king of Dragon Pass
Space Pirates and Zombies icon
Discover a huge universe full of dangers
TV Manager icon
Run your own TVstation
Empires & Dungeons 2 icon
Perfect combination of Role and strategy
Hegemony: Philip of Macedon icon
Conquer ancient Greece and raze everything in your path
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