Battle Royale

Here're our top best Battle Royale games for Windows
Rules of Survival icon
A 'battle royale' for up to 120 players
Super Mecha Champions icon
A battle royale of epic proportions -- giant robots included
Creative Destruction icon
A free Fortnite-style battle royale that won't disappoint you
Apex Legends Mobile (Gameloop) icon
Apex Legends Mobile also for PC!
Free Fire (GameLoop) icon
One of Android's most popular battle royales available for your PC
Cyber Hunter icon
One of the best battle royales for PC
Call of Duty Mobile (GameLoop) icon
Play COD Mobile from your PC
PUBG Mobile (GameLoop) icon
Play this amazing Battle Royale in your PC
Ride Out Heroes icon
Spectacular battle royale set in a fantasy world
Apex Legends icon
The funnest Battle Royale
Cyber Hunter (GameLoop) icon
The futuristic battle royale for your PC
PUBG Lite icon
The version version of PUBG for PC
Survivor Royale icon
A Windows version of this popular battle royale
Rules of Survival 2.0 icon
A more evolved battle royale
Buildtopia icon
A very decent Fortnite alternative
Knives Out icon
Online action for up to 100 players