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The Uptodown Editorial Team

The Uptodown Editorial Team is made up of several tech-savvy individuals and video game enthusiasts. Their mission is to create comprehensive and informative reviews of all the apps from our extensive catalog so as to guide visitors as they browse the marketplace and download what they need.

Álvaro Toledo
Chief Content Officer
Andrés López
Content Editor
Raúl Rosso
Communications Specialist
Merche Contreras
Content Editor
Nelson de Benito
Content Strategist
Carlos Martínez
Content Team Lead
Alberto García
Developer’s Operations and Support
Editorial policy Uptodown is a neutral app store that offers clear and accurate information about all the software it distributes. This means we perform analysis and tests to evaluate the performance, security and usability of each app offered, objectively and with minimum quality standards. We are not a simple app repository, but a huge knowledge base for distributing, indexing and curating software in order to make all this material available to users in the best possible way. This includes:
Written reviews translated into 17 languages
Technical information sheets
Thematic listing structure