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We are Uptodown Uptodown is a multi-platform app store focused on Android. Our goal is to offer free access to a large app catalog without restrictions in terms of the type of device or users' geographic location. We aim to promote a more open mobile app industry.
Our project Over 130 million users per month choose Uptodown to download apps from our catalog. We're available in 15 languages, offering a legal software distribution platform that is accessible from any web browser, as well as through our native Android app.
Official Android app Download and install app from our entire catalog using our official Android app. You'll get to use extra features that aren't available on our web versions. Including automated updates for any apps installed, along with the option to rollback to older app versions. Download Uptodown App Store
Safe The more than 3.8 million we provide are analyzed by 70 different antiviruses through VirusTotal.
Accessible No registration or additional software is required to download apps using Uptodown. You can access all the content via the web.
Added value We are not just an app repository — we’re committed to content. Over 55.000 apps include reviews, videos, screenshots, and related articles created by our in-house Content Team.



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We believe in Android Although Uptodown is a multi-platform marketplace, over 80% of our traffic is from Android. Over the past few years, we've focused our efforts to hone in on the Android app ecosystem. 82% 14% 4% mobile desktop tablet
Our company
Uptodown was founded in Spain in 2002 by José Domínguez and Luis Hernández. Since then, Uptodown continues to generate revenue, growing year after year without the need for any external financing. Currently, 29 people work at our main office in Malaga (Spain).

For more information on Uptodown Technologies and our current openings please visit:
Our team
Luis Hernández
Chief Executive Officer
Pepe Domínguez
Chief Technology Officer
Álvaro Toledo
Editor in Chief
Daniel Rivas
Engineer/Full Stack Developer Lead
Andrés López
Content Editor
Raúl Rosso
CM/Inbound Marketing
Laura del Pino
Leo Martín
UI/UX Web Designer
Carlos Griñán
Android Developer
Merche Contreras
Content Editor
Nelson de Benito
Content Editor
Fran Ramírez
PHP Developer
Carlos Martínez
Content Editor
Ismael Pareja
PHP Developer
Antonio Gamarro
PHP Developer
Álvaro Gómez
Front-End Developer
Andrea Domínguez
PHP Developer
Diego Fernández
PHP Developer
Carlos Martín
Daniel Villodres
PHP Developer
María José Salas
PHP Developer
Alejandro Arroyo
PHP Developer
José Antonio Vacas
PHP Developer
Patricia Pazos
Localization Project Manager
Victor Pareja
Android Developer
Jésica Márquez
PHP Developer
Facundo de Nardo
PHP Developer
Pablo Briales
PHP Developer
Sandra Cazorla
Translator with copywriting skills