Uptodown is an Android app store. Our main mission is to provide free, open access to apps for any device, from anywhere ensuring a more open mobile industry.

Over 100 million monthly users from all over the world use Uptodown to get instant access to a huge catalog of apps.

The Project

Uptodown has become an international reference within the field of legal software downloads. We’re available in 15 different languages offering a platform for transparent, legal software distribution.

Android Advocates

Over 80% of our traffic comes from Android which is why we’re committed to this platform to the point where we’re the second largest distribution platform just behind Google Play. Currently, we offer a full catalog with over 150.000 apps in APK format.
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Legal, Open, Accessible

We think that standard platforms, like the web, are a valid form of discovering and downloading apps.

Our objective is to unify and complete the Android software distribution ecosystem by providing a versatile and open platform. To use our catalog, you won’t need to register or download any extraneous software.


All content on Uptodown is scanned in-depth by VirusTotal. This service analyzes all of Uptodown’s content with over 50 antiviruses.

All the information we extract about viruses or potential threats is published and available on our site for them as a resource. Our users decide what to do with that information and whether or not they ultimately download an app.

Due to the 100% legal nature of our content, we do not have to take on the role of policing censorship, and instead, our users are the ones to decide which apps they can download.

Content Neutrality

A solid part of Uptodown is centered on adding value to this content. Uptodown isn’t just a complete APK repository, we also provide reliable information (app reviews, videos and all kinds of additional editorial content) created in-house by our team of editors with the end goal of helping users make more informed decisions and without a trace of developer influence. In everything we do, we uphold the highest standards of neutrality.

Currently, we have 179,000 reviews published between the 15 languages Uptodown is available in.

Download the easy way with our official native app

Even though our website adapts seamlessly to any device or operating system, we’ve also made available our official Android app where you’ll be able to download and install our whole catalog, and get exclusive access to a number of useful tools like automatic updates or the option to install older, previous versions of an app.
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Explaining our vision to app developers themselves. It’s important to us to show app developers that Uptodown not only provides greater visibility and improves app discovery. It also guarantees access to information without having to jump through the hoops that other companies require.

We make sure that Uptodown only publishes content that the developers themselves want on our site. Any app developer can take down their content and we strictly comply with the DMCA. But, by default, our catalog includes as much content as possible.

Send us your app

While focusing on users, we also actively collaborate with developers and their teams. Our platform allows any author to send us their software to be included on Uptodown, taking advantage of all the perks that come with it, like international visibility and greater flexibility when publishing.
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All of our apps are hosted on our own servers and offer maximum downloading bandwidth and speed.

We have a tight partnership with VirusTotal, which analyzes all of our files with over 50 different anti-viruses.

We offer a friendly browsing environment that is easy to access from any kind of device. No restrictions. No need to register.

We accept all kinds of apps within our catalogue (following all legal frameworks). Users are the ones who decide what they do with them, not us.

The Company

Uptodown is a company based in Spain and founded in 2002 by José Domínguez and Luis Hernández. It’s a profitable bootstrapped company without investors.

Currently, Uptodown has 20 full time employees in our headquarters in Málaga (Spain), half of this team are engineers. We also have 50 contractors for content localization based in different locations like Indonesia, India, United States, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Germany, France, Thailand, China or Russia.

More info about Uptodown Technologies SL and our open positions:


Luis Hernández

Chief Executive Officer

Pepe Domínguez

Chief Technology Officer

Álvaro Toledo

Editor in Chief

Daniel Rivas

Web Developer

Andrés López

Content Editor

Raúl Rosso

Community and Content Manager

Laura del Pino

International Coordinator

Leo Martín

UI/UX Web Designer

Carlos Griñán (in)
Carlos Griñán

Android Developer

Merche Contreras

Content Editor

Jose Maria Vallejo Pendón (in)
Jose María Vallejo

Web Developer

Erika Okumura

International Coordinator

Juanjo Velasco

Web Developer

Nelson de Benito

Content Editor

Fran Ramírez

PHP Developer

Carlos Martínez

Content Editor

Beatriz Escalante


Ismael Pareja

PHP Developer

Antonio Gamarro

PHP Developer

Álvaro Gómez

Front-end Developer

Anna Zubova

PHP Developer