Clash of Clans (GameLoop) icon
Play this Android hit in your PC
Clash Royale (GameLoop) icon
Play this incredible strategy-based game in your PC
Kerbal Space Program icon
Design Your Space Rocket, Launch It and Discover New Worlds
Starcraft icon
Experience intense real-time strategy with this classic game
Age of Empires icon
The future of your colony is in your hands
Second Life icon
Create your second character and start a new life
Age of Empires III icon
Explore, conquer and extend your Asian empire
Big Farm icon
Make your farm prosper with innovative crops
Age of Empires Online icon
One of the most famous strategy sagas of all time is back
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Plan the best transport system in the country
0 A.D. icon
Build your own empire to conquer the rest
Goodgame Empire icon
Build your own empire and conquer your rivals
Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries icon
The world is at war – now pick a side
Alien Assault icon
A free digital version of the classic Space Hulk
Game Dev Tycoon icon
Create your own video game company and take it to the top
Lucas Chess icon
Refine your chess skills or learn from zero
Cart Life icon
A simulator game that reminds us how hard life can be
Heroes of the Storm icon
Characters from the Blizzard universe face off for the first time
Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun icon
The classic real-time strategy game for free!
Mini Robot Wars icon
Protect the Minirobots from an Attack by the Invaders
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Participate in an unprecedented war between empires
Warzone 2010 icon
Futuristic war strategy in real time
Empire Earth II icon
The most famous strategy game is back
Auto Chess icon
The best version of the original Auto Chess
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Grow your empire and become a medieval lord
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A new installment of these fun worms
atWar icon
The world is the battlefield, make it yours
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Combine strategy and Maths and conquer the world
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Lead your tribe from Stone age to Space age