Fail Deadly icon
Imagine an strategy game in which you are the two bands
Atom Zombie Smasher icon
Rescue all survivors from zombie infection
SAGA Online icon
Fight and work together in your own fantasy kingdom
Zombilution icon
Control the zombie horde and finish up all humans
The Battle for Wesnoth icon
Fight for control over your towns
FreeOrion icon
Turn-based strategy game placed in the space
Spring icon
RTS game engine with example games to test it
Glest icon
Choose Tech or Magic and enter this good RTS
WormuX icon
Really funny and well designed Worms free version
Lords Mobile (GameLoop) icon
Play this great strategy game on PC too
Arena of Valor (GameLoop) icon
Play this great MOBA in your PC as well
Legends of Honor icon
Use the best strategy to conquer this medieval world
Imperia icon
Turn-based strategy on a cosmic scale
VHS Story icon
A street fighting simulator with a 16 bit esthetic
GearCity icon
Manage your own automobile company
CaesarIA icon
A completely free remake of the classic Caesar III
Artifact icon
Real time strategy in a persistent world
Rum Isle icon
Real-time strategy set in a world of pirates
A-B-City icon
Build cities using the available letters
Retaliation: Path of War icon
Turn-based war strategy similar to Risk
Project FPTD icon
A violent first person tower defense game
Micronations icon
Build a 3D city
Twigs icon
Defend this couple of beavers
Heldric: The Legend of the Shoemaker icon
Build your city and defend it on foot
Lembitu icon
Turn-based strategy set in medieval Estonia
Knights of War icon
Turn-based strategy in medieval England
Dungeon Colony icon
Become the Dungeon Lord
Royal Defence icon
Protect your kingdom from the attack of evil creatures
Bonsai Defense icon
Become a tree and defend your branches
Lix icon
A multiplayer version of the traditional Lemmings