Reprisal icon
Lead your tribe to glory and salvation
Cuboid Sandbox icon
The war of the cubes has begun
The ZOD Engine icon
Z, the classic real time strategy game, is back
Warmux icon
A fun open-source clone of Worms 2
Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos icon
Be in charge of a call centre
Jagged Alliance - Back in Action icon
Return to one of the best military strategy sagas ever
Auralux icon
Relaxing Real-Time Strategy Game
Revenge of the Titans icon
Defend the planet against invaders
SAGA Online icon
Fight and work together in your own fantasy kingdom
Eufloria icon
Explore a wonderful 2D universe and create life in the outer space
TripleA icon
Really good game similar to Risk
OpenFracas icon
Combine strategy and Maths and conquer the world
LinCity-NG icon
Build your own city in this free 3D remake of SimCity
Lords Mobile (GameLoop) icon
Play this great strategy game on PC too
CaesarIA icon
A completely free remake of the classic Caesar III
A-B-City icon
Build cities using the available letters
Micronations icon
Build a 3D city
Twigs icon
Defend this couple of beavers
Royal Defence icon
Protect your kingdom from the attack of evil creatures
Deadbuild icon
Protect your village from zombie attacks
Sherwood Smackdown icon
Turn based strategy in the Sherwood Forest
Carnage Contest icon
A free version of the classic game Worms
Battle for Graxia icon
Strategy, role and action in the fascinating world of Graxia
Bridge Project icon
Create a bridge that will support anything
Endgame: Syria icon
A game to learn about current affairs as you play
Steam Marines icon
Strategy, role-playing and death in space
Juego el Ahorcado Biblico icon
Play Hangman with biblical words
Archon Classic icon
Play chess like never before
Gamebiz II icon
Strategy game where you have to develop your own video game
Zoo Tycoon 2 icon
Manage the ocean, dive into the Marine Mania
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