Trash icon
Humans and Mutants battle for control of the trash
Wargames icon
Create nuclear silos and bombard the enemy
Wargame Project icon
Turn based strategy game set in its own world
Union icon
Strategic combat set in the future
OpenRA icon
Enjoy Command and Conquer classics in all their splendor
atWar icon
The world is the battlefield, make it yours
Cart Life icon
A simulator game that reminds us how hard life can be
Blitzkrieg icon
Become a soldier of the Second World War
Chocolatier icon
Become a great chocolatier
Imperia icon
Turn-based strategy on a cosmic scale
Lembitu icon
Turn-based strategy set in medieval Estonia
Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun icon
The classic real-time strategy game for free!
Auralux icon
Relaxing Real-Time Strategy Game
C-Evo icon
Free empire building game remindig Civilization
OpenFracas icon
Combine strategy and Maths and conquer the world
Glest icon
Choose Tech or Magic and enter this good RTS
StarCraft II icon
Playing StarCraft II is now free!
Rum Isle icon
Real-time strategy set in a world of pirates
Dwelvers icon
A near-perfect clone of Dungeon Keeper
Project FPTD icon
A violent first person tower defense game
Royal Defence icon
Protect your kingdom from the attack of evil creatures
Gaia Dreams icon
Play god in a primordial world
Crusader Kings 2: A Game of Thrones icon
Excellent Game of Thrones mod for Crusader Kings II
Cuboid Sandbox icon
The war of the cubes has begun
Operation Forklift icon
The League of Nations to the rescue!
Warmux icon
A fun open-source clone of Worms 2
DigiTanks icon
Modern war in a cybernetic world
Styrateg icon
Turn-based strategy and role-play in a fantasy world
The Oil Blue icon
A fun simulator where you sell petroleum
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