Sherwood Smackdown icon
Turn based strategy in the Sherwood Forest
Carnage Contest icon
A free version of the classic game Worms
MegaGlest icon
Participate in an unprecedented war between empires
Endgame: Syria icon
A game to learn about current affairs as you play
Steam Marines icon
Strategy, role-playing and death in space
Juego el Ahorcado Biblico icon
Play Hangman with biblical words
Atom Zombie Smasher icon
Rescue all survivors from zombie infection
Gamebiz II icon
Strategy game where you have to develop your own video game
Zoo Tycoon 2 icon
Manage the ocean, dive into the Marine Mania
War of the Ring icon
The first strategy game based on the Lord of the Rings
Empire Earth II icon
The most famous strategy game is back
GunBound World Champion icon
New generation shooting game
The Battle for Wesnoth icon
Fight for control over your towns
Machines at War icon
Frenetic real time strategy war game
Azgard Defence icon
Defend your castle from hordes of attacking monsters
Conquest icon
Conquer the world in this clone of Risk
Freecol icon
An Open Source version of Colonization
Freeciv icon
Lead your tribe from Stone age to Space age
Darwinia icon
Save the Darwinians from extinction
Rise of the Kings (GameLoop) icon
Now you can build your kingdom and conquer your enemies on PC
SSuite Tetris 2D icon
Play classic Tetris on your PC without having to install it
VHS Story icon
A street fighting simulator with a 16 bit esthetic
Artifact icon
Real time strategy in a persistent world
Retaliation: Path of War icon
Turn-based war strategy similar to Risk
Heldric: The Legend of the Shoemaker icon
Build your city and defend it on foot
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