Count Days icon
Know how many days transcurred between two dates
FreeLoto icon
Scaled down betting for la Primitiva, BonoLoto, etc.
Talking Keys icon
Make your keyboard talk
Yoga icon
Discover the stimulating practice of yoga
Juicy Business Cards icon
Create professional-looking business cards with ease
FreeApps icon
Download lots of free applications
Advanced Diary icon
Full featured personal diary for free
AbAlarm icon
An alarm that will remind you about everything you always forget
Fecha Limite icon
Create a countdown for any event
Decode Tora icon
Discover the hidden codes in the Bible
Storm Predator icon
Predict Storms from your computer
LabelPrint icon
Create labels for your CDs and DVDs
Verdiem Edison icon
Find out how much energy you save by changing the consumption profile
C-Organizer icon
A well-designed and practical planner
Agelong Tree icon
Study your family heritage and create a genealogy tree
MyMoney icon
Financial software designed to work with online bank accounts
Tobu icon
Save your notes and tag them
floAts Mobile Agent icon
Organize and manage your cell phone from your PC for free
Agenda At Once Free PIM icon
Organize your to-do list and manage your contacts with this agenda
Freenote icon
Add small notes on your desktop
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