Recipe Holder icon
Time for cooking, catalogue your recipes
MyBookLib Organizer icon
eep in order your book collection
Compact Alarmer icon
A foolproof alarm for your PC
Litecoin icon
Manage your Litecoins transactions from your desktop
Zcataloguer icon
Organize and arrange your collections
Roadnav icon
Open source GPS navigator for computers
FreeLoto icon
Scaled down betting for la Primitiva, BonoLoto, etc.
WhereIsIt icon
Put your files in order
Ringtone Expressions icon
Create Ringtones from youtube videos or any other audio file
Advanced Diary icon
Full featured personal diary for free
Fecha Limite icon
Create a countdown for any event
MoneyMe icon
Monitor your expenses and budget your money
Storm Predator icon
Predict Storms from your computer
C-Organizer icon
A well-designed and practical planner
Agelong Tree icon
Study your family heritage and create a genealogy tree
Tobu icon
Save your notes and tag them
floAts Mobile Agent icon
Organize and manage your cell phone from your PC for free
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