KishKish Lie Detector icon
A lie detector for Skype
Znow icon
It's snowing on your desktop!
CherryTomato icon
A great way to improve your work productivity
Teleo icon
Read books in Braille
Cibersoft Timer icon
Set reminders with a timer on your computer
SiDiary icon
SiDiary helps people with diabetes control blood sugar levels
MSD Collections icon
Manage your collection of books, magazines, software ...
Dias Vividos icon
Find out how many days you've lived since you were born
TV Series Manager icon
Organize and control your TV shows
MorsePlay icon
Play morse code through the speakers
MCataloguer icon
Catalog your documents and multimedia files
Sticker icon
Create sticky notes and stick them on your desktop
ReminderCube icon
Full-featured personal information manager
Extractor De Moviles icon
A utility for extracting winsms logs
Concenturio icon
Use your favorite songs to remember the tasks you have to do
EBP Agenda Personal icon
A completely detailed personal agenda
TVplasmaLCDSelector icon
Find out what's best for you: an LCD or plasma TV
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