OS components

StartIsBack icon
Recover the Windows 7 Start button
App Hide icon
Hide windows or applications in a matter of seconds
vLite icon
Speed up Windows Vista by deactivating unnecessary features
Vista Sidebar icon
Full-equip sidebar in vista style
SIW icon
Know all data having to do with your hardware and software
Start8 icon
Do you want the start button back?
UndoClose icon
Accidentally closed a window? No problem
Multicommander icon
Multi-tab file manager
HD Tune icon
Get a complete report on the state of your hard drive
Device Remover icon
Effective driver and device management application
QuickLook icon
Take a look at any file's content instantly
SP TimeSync icon
Synchronize your Windows clock to an atomic clock.
Taskbar Eliminator icon
Instantaneously hide the Windows taskbar
RivaTuner icon
Make the most out of your NVIDIA or ATI video card
WinMetro icon
Bring the Metro environment to your Windows
Nyan Cat Progress Bar icon
The famous poptart cat on your progress bar
UAC Controller Tool icon
Modify Windows UAC settings - User Acess Control
TwinkiePaste icon
Paste more than one fragment thanks to multiple keyboard shortcuts
NotRun icon
Open only the programs you want
Tray Gear icon
Get quick access to all the basic features on your device
WinThunder icon
Access any folder or program quickly
HydraMouse icon
Assign functions to mouse buttons
Absolute Time Corrector icon
Set the watch on time according to the atomic clock
Winautomation icon
Automatize those daily repetitive processes
LeCase icon
Transform upper case letters to lower case with just a click
WSCC icon
Install, update, and execute system utilities quickly
Chameleon Task Manager icon
View your system tasks and optimize functionality
Tabbles icon
A new way to organize the files in your HD
Remote Process Explorer icon
Easily manage all of your computer's processes
Windows Desktop Search icon
Search for files faster than ever
Vista Customization Pack icon
The easiest way to change the appearance from XP to Vista
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