OS components

Sizer icon
Resize your windows to predefined sizes
PromptPal icon
Graphic interface for Windows' command line
Test My Hardware icon
Know everything about your system
True Launch Bar icon
A customizable taskbar with lots of advanced features
Vista Sidebar icon
Full-equip sidebar in vista style
visualControls icon
Manage extensions added to the control panel
System Spec icon
Access all your configuration data
RivaTuner icon
Make the most out of your NVIDIA or ATI video card
Rapid Environment Editor icon
Create, edit or eliminate variables in your system
nHancer icon
Alternative control panel for nVidia GForce
Aerofoil icon
Deactivate applications to save energy on your laptop
MultiSet icon
Automatize all software installations
AlomWare Reset icon
Restart your PC in a twinkle
Touchpad Blocker icon
Deactivate your touchpad while you type
UnPowerIt Now! icon
Make your computer automatically go to sleep after completing a task
Folder Usage icon
Analyze your files importance and delete the ones you don't need
Right Click Enhancer icon
Modify what your mouse's right click does
HotShut icon
Useful and easy-to-use app to shut down, restart or hibernate Windows
ModernMix icon
Run Metro applications on your traditional desktop
NewFolderEx icon
Add an icon to create a new folder in the context menu
Mouse Hunter icon
Improve the use of the mouse wheel
Classic Start 8 icon
Recover the classic start button in Windows 8
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