OS components

Touchpad Blocker icon
Deactivate your touchpad while you type
Win8Starter icon
Get the Windows start button on Windows 8
HotShut icon
Useful and easy-to-use app to shut down, restart or hibernate Windows
ModernMix icon
Run Metro applications on your traditional desktop
DBSys icon
A few improvements to make Windows work better
MultiMon icon
Monitor everything happening on your PC in real time
Tray Gear icon
Get quick access to all the basic features on your device
AeroRainbow icon
Change the color of your windows often
Listary icon
A new way to search for anything on Windows
UAC Controller Tool icon
Modify Windows UAC settings - User Acess Control
MouseFIGHTER icon
Use your keyboard to move the mouse cursor
VIA 4-in-1 Driver icon
Do you have a VIA circuit board? These are your drivers
SiSoftware Sandra Standard icon
Get to know your computer, from top to bottom
BGEye icon
Have all your system features on the desktop
Mini Explorer icon
Simple lightweight file explorer
VistaMizer icon
Give your XP an amazing Vista look
Aerofoil icon
Deactivate applications to save energy on your laptop
Vista Start Menu icon
Attractive alternative to your usual Windows Start Menu
AlomWare Reset icon
Restart your PC in a twinkle
UnPowerIt Now! icon
Make your computer automatically go to sleep after completing a task
TwinkiePaste icon
Paste more than one fragment thanks to multiple keyboard shortcuts
MouseWrangler icon
Create mouse shortcuts for controlling your PC
8StartButton icon
A convenient start button for Windows 8
Folder Usage icon
Analyze your files importance and delete the ones you don't need
Snap2HTML icon
Archive your folders in HTML files
Right Click Enhancer icon
Modify what your mouse's right click does
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