OS components

Mini Explorer icon
Simple lightweight file explorer
Shell icon
Powerful context menu manager for Windows File Explorer
MouseWrangler icon
Create mouse shortcuts for controlling your PC
8StartButton icon
A convenient start button for Windows 8
Win8Starter icon
Get the Windows start button on Windows 8
Gridy icon
Resize windows and organize them more easily
Pipy icon
Quickly launch apps
TabExplorer icon
Add tabs to your Windows file explorer
DBSys icon
A few improvements to make Windows work better
Wexplore icon
An alternative to the Windows file explorer
Multicommander icon
Multi-tab file manager
Absolute Time Corrector icon
Set the watch on time according to the atomic clock
WSCC icon
Install, update, and execute system utilities quickly
The Handy Start Menu icon
Organize the programs in the start menu by categories
BinManager icon
Empty the recycle bin in a selective way
CrazyInfo icon
Display your computer's general information
Automize icon
Automate and schedule PC tasks
Microsoft IntelliPoint icon
Personalize your mouse possibilities
Interpretes Neobook icon
Run Neobook programs easily
LookInMyPC icon
Everything about your hardware and software in a complete report
Ciusbet Hardware BenchMark icon
Check the performance of your PC and its components
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