OS components

Windows 7 SP1 64 bits icon
Install the first Service Pack for Windows 7
Ultracopier icon
Substantial improvements for copying files
Deskpins icon
Keep your windows constantly visible
Joulemeter icon
Monitor the electric consumption of your computer components
Windows 7 SP1 icon
Download the first Windows 7 update right now
CPU-Z Portable icon
Access all the detailed information about your system
Disable Key icon
Disable any key on your keyboard
Windows XP Service Pack 2 icon
Better the secutity and stability of Windows XP
Free Mouse Auto Clicker icon
Automatic mouse clicks every certain amount of time
Folder Colorizer icon
Give a touch of color to your folders
Windows XP Service Pack icon
Third big Windows XP update pack
HWMonitor icon
Monitor the status of the hardware of your PC
Start Menu 8 icon
Give Windows 8 the traditional start button you've been missing
Virtual Floppy Drive icon
Create virtual drives and use them as common ones
Ghost Mouse Auto Clicker icon
Record mouse track and repeat it automatically