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Cloud Storage Apps

Discover the best of Cloud Storage Apps for Windows. Download them for free and virus free from Uptodown
1. Google Drive icon
Thanks to Google Drive, you can access a virtual disk drive directly from Windows, with the ability to synchronize files to the cloud when and...
555.3 k downloads
2. iCloud icon
iCloud is the official iCloud app for Windows. With it, you can download all the files you have stored there, as well as upload new...
250.7 k downloads
3. Terabox icon
Register for 1024 GB of permanent free cloud storage! Automatically back up your photos and videos. Supports online photo preview and video playing. With TeraBox, you can...
125.6 k downloads
4. Microsoft OneDrive icon
Microsoft OneDrive is an official Microsoft application that will allow you to store all your files in the cloud comfortably and safely, as well as...
146.8 k downloads
5. Dropbox icon
Having extra storage is always an advantage. There are a lot of ways to use it, from having additional space to store files to backing...
912.1 k downloads
6. MEGASync icon
MEGASync is the official MEGA client for Windows. You can use it to synchronize your files to the cloud, and upload any file to your...
2 M downloads
7. MediaFire Desktop icon
MediaFire Desktop is a desktop application for the online storage portal MediaFire. Using it, you can synchronize files from a folder on your computer to...
498.6 k downloads
ONLYOFFICE is a useful program that can create documents, edit all kinds of files saved to its platform, and sync with third-party services such as...
11 k downloads
9. BlueMail icon
BlueMail is a multiplatform email and calendar client that allows you to manage your emails simply and easily. The app allows you to unify an...
9.1 k downloads
10. FolderSync icon
FolderSync is an app designed to sync content between your computer and cloud storage services or other devices. By creating folder pairs, you can choose...

More software from the Cloud Storage Apps collection

OpenDrive icon
A virtual hard drive in the cloud
CloudFuze icon
Open all your servers on the cloud from one interface
FluffyApp icon
Cloud storage directly from your toolbar
Air Explorer icon
Access all your cloud storage from one interface
CloudMounter icon
Store all your files in the Cloud
Sysinfo Google Workspace Backup Tool icon
Backup your G Suite data with a reliable tool
Air Cluster icon
Manage all your cloud storage programs
Internxt Photos icon
Filen icon
Private and secure cloud storage
AVG LiveKive Airspace icon
An enormous virtual hard drive on the cloud
Dataprius icon
Save your files on the cloud
CarotDAV icon
Desktop client for your cloud storage services
Amazon Drive icon
Free cloud storage from Amazon
Megacloud icon
Store up to 16 gigabytes of files on the cloud
World Backups icon
Sync, store, and back up your company's data online
Lolabox icon
Store files on the cloud with a Lolabits desktop client
Cloudfogger icon
Encrypt your files on the cloud
Duplicati icon
Save compressed and encrypted backups
basefolder icon
Share your files in the cloud