Elona icon
A fun, nice-looking, and accesible roguelike
Lost Labyrinth DX icon
A remake of the classic roguelike Lost Labyrinth
Cthangband icon
An Angband variant set in the Myths of Cthulhu
Iter Vehemens ad Necem icon
The inevitable road to death
Zorbus icon
A fun roguelike inspired by Dungeons and Dragons
Brogue icon
A lovely revision of the classic roguelike game
Unreal World icon
Role-playing and survival in Medieval Finland
Red Rogue icon
Descend into the depths of the dungeon
Rogue's Souls icon
Dark Souls goes roguelike
Angband icon
Put an end to Morgoth's reign of terror
DoomRL icon
The Doom role game is real hell
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup icon
A descent into the depths in search of the Orb of Zot
Umoria icon
The best way to play The Dungeons of Moria on Windows
Ananias Roguelike icon
A modern twist on a traditional roguelike
Vagante icon
Go deep inside deadly dungeons
Dungeonmans icon
An epic adventure roguelike
The Man in the Mirror icon
Escape from the asylum with help from a demon
Necklace of the Eye icon
Improve the graphics in your favorite roguelikes
Expedition: The New World icon
Exploration RPG in the age of the conquistadors
NetHack - Falcon's Eye icon
A modernized version of the classic game NetHack
Sewerjacks icon
The hard life of a retired athlete
Powder icon
Descend into hell to kill Beelzebub
AliensRL icon
Surviving aliens has never been so hard
Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead icon
An enormous post-apocalyptic world at your feet
The Endless Dungeon icon
A dungeon with 99 levels of pain
CastlevaniaRL icon
Castlevania goes roguelike
DiabloRL icon
And you thought Diablo was difficult? Try this!
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