Wanem Hindi Dictionary icon
Look up English words in the Hindi dictionary
Simple Calculator icon
A calculator for your computer
AyudaMates icon
Get results by simulating complex mathematical operations
BOINC icon
Make your computer available to the scientific community
FCorp - Acronym Database icon
Create your own acronyms with a little help
LangOver icon
Change the language of the keyboard in a snap
Judy's TenKey icon
The most complete calculator for Windows
Fraqtive icon
Mandelbrot and Julia type Fractal Generator
jVLT icon
Learn vocabulary in a new language with flashcards
Scilab icon
Programming language focused on scientific calculations
GCompris icon
Educational tool for children aged 2 to 10 years
FCorp - Anagram icon
Create anagrams with whatever letters you want
Ardora icon
Design entertaining exercises for your students
Google Translate Client icon
Translate any text using Google translator
Blumind icon
Create diagrams in a moment
tinySpell icon
Really fast way to easily correct texts
aSc TimeTables icon
Create a complete school schedule in a matter of minutes
ConnectedText icon
Create your own personal wiki
Ace Translator icon
Quick and effective translation into dozens of languages.
GEUP icon
Dynamic geometry to help you explore math
Free Language Translator icon
Translate long texts into any language in the world
Polyglot 3000 icon
Recognize automatically more than 400 languages
Advanced Net Monitor for Class icon
Want to see the screen of a remote computer?
Ginger icon
Never make another mistake writing in English
ICE Book Reader icon
A digital reeding that takes care of your eyes
Lingoversity icon
Learn a language by improving your vocabulary
Google Books Downloader icon
The easy way to download eBooks from Google Books
Enigeo icon
Practice your geography skills
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