Math Studio icon
Learn Maths functions and graphics in an easy way
Aciqra icon
A portable planetarium with interesting features
Kindle Comic Creator icon
Import and convert your books to Kindle devices
Lucy's Globe icon
The best way to learn geography
GNUVocabTrain icon
The simplest way to learn and improve your English or German
Valodas icon
Learn langauges in the most comfortable and enjoyable way
FlippingBook Publisher icon
Edit and produce your own e-books and publications
ABA English Course icon
The best way to learn English
MultiTranse icon
12 languages translated in a few seconds
ePub Maker icon
Convert any text to ebook format
Best Reader icon
Read, study, and understand faster and more efficiently
Web Translator icon
Translate websites using this application
Pianotrain icon
Improves the reading of piano scores and solfege
Pandactilo icon
Learn to type without looking at the keyboard with this colorful game
Linear Algebra Decoded icon
Solve algebraic problems and generate your own exams
Vocabilis icon
Learn words in several languages with flashcards
Graph icon
Draw math functions on coordinate graphs
Distant Suns icon
Create your own astronomical screensaver
Oficalc icon
Powerful scientific multipurpose calculator
EuroTranslator icon
Instantaly translate into 14 different languages
Math Educator icon
Teach your kids math the easy way
Paper Comic Viewer icon
Comprehensive, fast, effective comics reader
Virtual Moon Atlas icon
Explore and study the Moon's surface
EdiLim icon
Quality environment for creating educational books
TICAS icon
Computational algebra software for your PC
Babylon icon
Translate into English at the moment
Blitz FlashCards icon
Learn languages using custom cards
mdpColorTest icon
Psychometric Lüscher test to evaluate psychological conditions
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