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Download new Education software under Windows

Thorium Reader icon
Read your ebooks on your PC
Mangayomi icon
Calibre icon
An eBook manager with several features
Kindle Previewer icon
Preview your ebooks before publishing them
Kavita icon
Create your local comic and book server
OpenComic icon
A comic reader that's packed with features
JabRef icon
The best tool to manage your bibliography references
GeoGebra icon
A tool to study algebra, geometry and calculus
OkMap icon
Organize your trips with this map app
RosarioSIS icon
Organize your academic information with this practical platform
Joplin icon
Easily take notes on your PC
Aquile Reader icon
A convenient e-book reader
MecaNet icon
Improve your speed with this typing course
Anki icon
Learn languages with Anki
yEd icon
Generate diagrams in seconds
NVDA icon
PictoBlox icon
Have a great time learning to code
Stellarium Portable icon
Portable version of the excellent planetarium for PCs
Stellarium icon
Look at the sky on your screen
PDFtoMusic icon
Play musical scores uploaded in PDF documents
Mendeley Reference Manager icon
Manage and organize your research and references
Moodle icon
The most popular virutual teaching platform
JLearnIt icon
Multilingual dictionary sorted by categories to learn vocabulary
Zezn Equation icon
Ziead Alhamwi
Gnuplot icon
UniKey icon
Software for convenient writing in Vietnamese
Z-Library icon
Access a huge library from your desktop
Freeplane icon
Design mind maps with all kinds of possibilities
CADe SIMU icon
Simulate electrical circuits from your PC
TheSage icon
Sequence Publishing
Learn 2 Mix icon
Digital Multi Soft Corp.
OpenBoard icon
A virtual whiteboard to liven up your classes
MecaNet.Collection icon
A collection of typing lessons from MecaNet
MecaNet Core icon
Learn to type faster
MecaNet Keyboard icon
You still write using two fingers? Learn typing now!
EquationsPro icon
Everything you could need to solve complex equations
DataPro icon
Useful information for more than 3000 chemical compounds
ChemMaths icon
A collection of essential tools for any engineer
FBReader icon
E-Book reader that supports several devices and formats
Jaws icon
Accessible computers also for blind people
Avro Keyboard icon
Write in Bengali efficiently
MocPOGO Location Changer icon
Spoof location on games like Pokémon Go and simulate GPS movement
Publish or Perish icon
Collect bibliographic data on authors and publications
Miru icon
Manga, anime and novels in a single app
GHC Timetables generator EN icon
GHC school timetable generator
Librum icon
The most convenient way to read any book on your PC
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