The most comprehensive software collection for educational and teaching professionals: test & exams, dictionaries, typing, translators, maths, etcetera
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Stargaze on your computer
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Languages won't be a problem anymore
MecaNet Keyboard icon
You still write using two fingers? Learn typing now!
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The most popular virutual teaching platform
Writefull icon
Google helps you write better sentences thanks to its search bar
MathType icon
Revolution your Math documents
Celestia Portable icon
The famous virtual planetarium, now in a portable version
Celestia icon
Explore the universe in 3D
MecaNet.Collection icon
A collection of typing lessons from MecaNet
Universe Quest icon
Everything about rockets and space exploration
RedMill Calculator icon
Calculator with dozens of integrated functions
Free Jetico Scientific Calculator icon
A scientific calculator to solve any math problem
Avogadro icon
Design 3D, POV-Ray compatible molecules
Kiwix icon
Download and browse the Wikipedia offline
RapidTyping icon
Improve your typing skills
GeoEnZo icon
Convert your computer screen into a chalkboard
FluidSIM icon
Are you into Electropneumatic?
Graphmatica icon
A simple way to draw equations
PictoBlox icon
Have a great time learning to code
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A full-featured Japanese text editor
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