Wondershare QuizCreator icon
Good application to create exams and tests
Memorizer icon
Learn vocabulary in an original way
skyORB icon
Excellent space simulator and star finder
Wikitup icon
Translate any text or word on the fly
Omnitux icon
Learn while you play with this fun tool
AccuSpell icon
Check for spelling errors anywhere on your computer
Neblipedia icon
A portable encyclopedia for those without Internet access
My Oxford English Online icon
Learn to speak English from home in only 4 months
IdiomaX Translation Suite icon
Translate any text anywhere
Martview icon
The easy way to read newspapers, books and documents
IdiomaX Web Translator icon
Access any website and translate it on the fly
Abscissatron icon
A large polynomial equation solver
Multicalc icon
Powerful calculator with hexadecimal converter
Chemitorium icon
Write chemical formulas and view them in 3D
MathCast icon
Easily create and edit equations
GNU Typing Master icon
Useful and free application to learn typing
Numerology icon
Find out your karma and your futuro thanks to numerology
AlgoSim icon
Analyse and represent graphically Math functions
JClic icon
Simple management tool for educational activities
WordBanker VB icon
A useful program for learning languages
Eiktub icon
Write in Arabic using your keyboard
Byki icon
Learn languages with this personalized teacher
Kindle PC Converter icon
Convert Kindle eBooks to PDF
SpaceTime Mathematics icon
Solve integrals, derivatives, matrixes, equations,...
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