Airly icon
Check the air quality levels in different locations around the world
AirCare icon
Check air quality all around the world
COCOA - COVID-19 Contact icon
COVID - 19 Tracking in Japan
SwissCovid icon
Stop the spread of COVID-19 in Switzerland
Pikobar icon
Information and prevention of COVID-19 on the island of Java
Corona-Datenspende icon
Anonymous tracking of the COVID-19 spread in Germany
CoronaMadrid icon
An app to prevent and treat the Coronavirus in Madrid
COVID19 CAT icon
Follow the evolution of COVID-19 in Catalonia
Tok Doc-Mask icon
Prevention and treatment of COVID-19 in Korea
CoronaMaroc icon
Coronavirus monitoring in Morocco
061 CatSalut Responde icon
Access and manage your public healthcare services in Catalonia
Coronavirus Statistics icon
Keep track of confirmed cases of Covid-19
Tangle icon
Reduce your anxiety with these relaxing effects
Sleeptic icon
Keep track of your sleep and learn how to get more rest
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Try this app, create your own fitness routine, and get abs of steel
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Dozens of guided meditation sessions on your Android
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