Ambience Nature sounds icon
Discover a huge variety of ambient music
ameli, l'Assurance Maladie icon
Access your Ameli account with your social security number
Wysa icon
A friendly and helpful penguin to keep in your pocket
La tua dieta personalizzata icon
Want to lose weight without too much work?
Diabetes:M icon
Keep your diabetes under control
Medita con Petit BamBou icon
Lower your levels of stress and anxiety
Mr. Pillster icon
Don't forget to take your medication!
Pharmapedia Pakistan icon
Information on generic medications in Pakistan
Brain Waves icon
Sound frequencies that go straight to your brain
Sanvello icon
Reduce stress and anxiety to improve your state of mind
Vaping Tour icon
Keep up with the latest news in the world of vaporizers
SnoreLab : Record Your Snoring icon
Track your sleep and analyize your snoring
Stop Corona icon
Anonymously notify your contacts if you're infected with COVID-19
Sleep Booster icon
Get better quality sleep and wake up energized
Lojong icon
Say goodbye to stress and anxiety
Moshi: Sleep & Meditation icon
Relaxing sounds and bedtime stories for children
Ovulation and Period Calendar icon
A fancy ovulation calendar
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