Ovulation and Period Calendar icon
A fancy ovulation calendar
Lojong icon
Say goodbye to stress and anxiety
Eve icon
Keep complete track of your period and ovulation
ameli, l'Assurance Maladie icon
Access your Ameli account with your social security number
COVID Symptom Tracker icon
COVID-19 prevention in the U.K.
Cerebral icon
Online psychiatric and therapeutic help for anxiety and depression
Corona-Datenspende icon
Anonymous tracking of the COVID-19 spread in Germany
Waking Up: Guided Meditation and Mindfulness icon
Everything you need for guided meditation
Grüner Pass icon
COVID Passport in Austria
COCOA - COVID-19 Contact icon
COVID - 19 Tracking in Japan
Baby Sleep Instant icon
Putting your baby to sleep is a piece of cake
Relaxing Music: Sleep Sounds icon
Sit back and feel at ease hearing relaxing soundtracks
Kwit icon
Stop smoking with the help of your smartphone
Hairstyles step by step icon
Learn to create the best hairstyles step by step
Health4Me icon
Manage your health insurance
Stop Corona icon
Anonymously notify your contacts if you're infected with COVID-19
Sleep Sounds icon
Create enveloping and relaxing atmospheres with these sounds
Health Infinity icon
Get a better understanding of what you eat and lead a healthier life
Health Maintain free icon
Stay healthy keeping track of your body
My diet coach icon
Lose weight quickly by overcoming the hard parts of dieting
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