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Control of the Coronavirus in Israel
061 CatSalut Responde icon
Access and manage your public healthcare services in Catalonia
Coronavirus Statistics icon
Keep track of confirmed cases of Covid-19
Tangle icon
Reduce your anxiety with these relaxing effects
Mindfulness App icon
Dozens of guided meditation sessions on your Android
Intermittent fasting icon
Control your breakfast to lose weight
REM!X icon
Tips and tricks, challenges and plans to manage your emotions
Relaxing Music: Sleep Sounds icon
Sit back and feel at ease hearing relaxing soundtracks
Dieta para ganar masa muscular icon
Eat to gain muscle mass
Meditación guiada gratis icon
Relax your mind and body with tranquil meditations
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Improve your sleep schedule
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Don't forget to take your medication!
Hairstyles step by step icon
Learn to create the best hairstyles step by step
Mudras icon
Learn step by step how to perform the different Mudras
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Learn first aid from your smartphone
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Learn how to relieve tension in your body with this app
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Count your steps, track your exercise, and stay in shape
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Lose weight by juicing
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