Sleeptic icon
Keep track of your sleep and learn how to get more rest
Water Time Drink Reminder icon
Do you drink enough water everyday?
The Reiki Channel icon
Radio stations to meditate with
Meditación y Relajación icon
Learn the secrets of meditation
f.lux icon
Get rid of the blue light on your Android's screen
Health Infinity icon
Get a better understanding of what you eat and lead a healthier life
Clementine icon
An aid for making your day-to-day problems better
Tomato icon
A very useful app for diabetics
Intellect icon
Become a better version of yourself
Immuni icon
Find out if you've had contact with COVID-19 carriers in Italy
Corona Virus Tracker icon
Updated statistics on the effects of coronavirus
Intermittent fasting icon
Control your breakfast to lose weight
QSun icon
Protect your skin from the sun and don't forget to apply sunscreen
Simple Habit icon
Relax a little bit every day
MyDays X icon
Keep your cycle in check with this handy tool
LC icon
Track your 'time of the month' with this informative calendar
Calories! icon
See how many calories you consume and burn off throughout the day
Glow - Period Tracker icon
A comfortable way to track your period
LadysCalendar Free (Period) icon
Monitor your menstrual cycle
My Cycles Period and Ovulation icon
An excellent menstruation calendar
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