Yana icon
Virtual help for those with anxiety and depression
COCOA - COVID-19 Contact icon
COVID - 19 Tracking in Japan
Pregnancy + icon
The best tool for pregnant women!
TalkLife icon
Chat with people with the same problems and struggles
COVA icon
Top covid-19 tracker app for Punjab
careFIJI icon
COVID-19 track and trace in Fiji
Sleepo: Relaxing Sounds icon
Excellent relaxing sound app
Cuidar COVID-19 Argentina icon
Coronavirus monitoring in Argentina
Doctolib icon
Contact French hospitals and doctors
Sanvello icon
Reduce stress and anxiety to improve your state of mind
Withings Health Mate icon
Keep yourself healthy with the right tools
Period Tracker icon
Know which days you are fertile and calculate your next period
Medita con Petit BamBou icon
Lower your levels of stress and anxiety
Water Time Drink Reminder icon
Do you drink enough water everyday?
Immuni icon
Find out if you've had contact with COVID-19 carriers in Italy
NHS COVID-19 icon
COVID-19 tracking in the UK
Darker icon
Turn your brightness way down and give your eyes a break
Ulta Beauty icon
Find a healthy lifestyle and feel beautiful
Salud Responde icon
Request a doctor's appointment from your mobile device
mySugr Diabetes Logbook icon
A tool to make managing your diabetes easier
f.lux icon
Get rid of the blue light on your Android's screen
Water Your Body icon
Don't forget to drink water daily