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Download Health apps for Android for free

XRFit icon
Antistress relaxation toys icon
Dozens of activities to help you manage your anxiety
SATUSEHAT Mobile icon
Vaccination and COVID-19 certificate in Indonesia
Google Fit icon
Keeping fit is important
Mi Health icon
A Xiaomi app that'll help you live a healthier life
Health Connect icon
Link the data from your health apps
Lose It! icon
A way to stay motivated with your diet and exercise plan
OPPO Relax icon
Relax with this Oppo app
Period Calendar icon
Which days are you fertile? Which days are you not? Find out!
HIRO Patient icon
HiRO Patient App the All-in-one Patient App from HiRO Health
Lovense Remote icon
A remote control for a good time
WeWard icon
Turn your steps into rewards
Eye comfort icon
Improve eye comfort on your Oppo
Somnia icon
AWE Interactive
Sleep Cycle icon
Track your sleep with this app
MySejahtera icon
The Malaysian government app for COVID-19
f.lux icon
Get rid of the blue light on your Android's screen
Night mode - Blue light filter icon
A color filter for better sleep
Twilight icon
Sleep better with a filter for your pre-sleep nighttime reading
Health Platform icon
Samsung smartwatch health app for Android
CureSkin icon
The easiest way to put an end to acne
Insight Timer icon
Time to meditate
AppYet Health icon
Stay in shape with the latest health news
Aroma Cannabis icon
App for cannabis enthusiasts
Medito icon
Medito for Mindfulness, Meditation and Sleep
Pregnancy + icon
The best tool for pregnant women
Wocute icon
Track periods and ovulation with personalized fertility insights and health forum
xDrip+ icon
An app for tracking glucose levels in people with diabetes
Finch icon
Take care of your mental health as you take care of your pet
A health app for residents of Qatar
Tomato icon
A very useful app for diabetics
Yana icon
Virtual help for those with anxiety and depression
Achievement icon
Participate in health studies and earn money for it
Healthy Meal Planner icon
Lee Technologies
Darker icon
Turn your brightness way down and give your eyes a break
e-Covid SINFONIA icon
Manage Campania COVID certs and health updates securely
Woebot icon
A robot that talks to you and tries to help
Lower Screen Brightness icon
Adjust your smartphone's brightness with this app
Withings Health Mate icon
Keep yourself healthy with the right tools
BeatFlow icon
Monitor your heart rate
Health Tracker icon
App for a better lifestyle
DHA icon
Access to multiple healthcare services in Dubai
Tawakkalna (Covid-19 KSA) icon
COVID-19 management in Saudia Arabia
Wysa icon
A friendly and helpful penguin to keep in your pocket
Heart Rate Monitor icon
Check your heart rate through your fingertip
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