QualityTime - My Digital Diet icon
Manage how you use your Android device
SwissCovid icon
Stop the spread of COVID-19 in Switzerland
Sweat With Kayla icon
Get in shape with this personal trainer
Ada icon
Diagnose your symptoms in a snap
Six Pack icon
Try this app, create your own fitness routine, and get abs of steel
The Meditation App icon
Relaxing meditation exercises in your smartphone
ameli, l'Assurance Maladie icon
Access your Ameli account with your social security number
Ovulation and Period Calendar icon
A fancy ovulation calendar
Waking Up: Guided Meditation and Mindfulness icon
Everything you need for guided meditation
Video Encryptor icon
COVID-19 tracking app for the state of Virginia
Intermittent fasting icon
Control your breakfast to lose weight
Relaxing Music: Yoga, Sleep, Meditation, Relax icon
A collection of relaxing sounds you can keep in your pocket
Moodpath icon
A two week program to help combat depression and anxiety