Relax Rain icon
Add rain sounds and moods to your meditation moments
Water Your Body icon
Don't forget to drink water daily
Health Infinity icon
Get a better understanding of what you eat and lead a healthier life
Kwit icon
Stop smoking with the help of your smartphone
AirCare icon
Check air quality all around the world
Sleep Sounds icon
An extensive collection of relaxing ambient sounds
Open Food Facts icon
Scan foods to check for nutritional value
LC icon
Track your 'time of the month' with this informative calendar
Vezeeta icon
Healthcare on your smartphone
Cerebral icon
Online psychiatric and therapeutic help for anxiety and depression
Blood Pressure icon
Log your blood pressure data
Pass Track icon
Pakistan's COVID-19 passport
CovPass Check icon
Check your vaccination passport in a flash
Yana icon
Virtual help for those with anxiety and depression
Intermittent fasting icon
Control your breakfast to lose weight
Relax Night icon
Sounds inspired by nocturnal noises
HealthPlanet icon
Diet successfully by organizing it with an app like this
HealthTap icon
Need a doctor?
Calories! icon
See how many calories you consume and burn off throughout the day
Ma grossesse icon
Keep track of your pregnancy and have a happy baby
Grüner Pass icon
COVID Passport in Austria
NHS App icon
The official healthcare app for the UK
Doctolib icon
Contact French hospitals and doctors
The Meditation App icon
Relaxing meditation exercises in your smartphone
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