Process Hacker icon
Advanced tool to manipulate processes
Process Monitor icon
Free and complete process manager
Speccy - System Information icon
What's inside your computer? Speccy answers it
TopWinPrio icon
Prioritize the active applications on your computer
Process Explorer icon
Show all tasks and active processes
Personal Activity Monitor icon
Boost up your productivity
Event Log Explorer icon
Monitor, view and analyze events in the Event Log
Kiwi icon
Monitor and control your programs
TaskInfo icon
Complete info of your system and tasks
Security Task Manager icon
Keep malware from damaging your computer
MyEventViewer icon
Monitor and manage your registry and changes to your PC
Task Terminator icon
Power up your system finishing unnecessaryprocesses
SysSense icon
Monitor your Google Adsense profits
ServersCheck icon
Monitor the status of your servers and other services
ProcrastiTracker icon
Keep track of the time spent on each program on your computer
ModbusWrite icon
Work with data in Modbus protocol
DiskPulse icon
Track changes made to your files
ProcessActivityView icon
View the active processes in your system
Task Blocker icon
Block any task that runs on your computer
AdvancedWinServiceManager icon
Take control of the processes that run on your computer
Bonita Open Solution icon
The three-in-one for your processes
Task ForceQuit Pro icon
Intuitive and lightweight task manager
BitCleaner icon
Remove unwanted files, history and personal information
ProcX icon
Control all the processes and modules on your PC
PrcView icon
Take the control of all processes
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