CPU-Z icon
All of your computer's hardware information
GPU-Z icon
Monitors your graphic card's key features
SpeedFan icon
Control fans and temperature on your system
Everest Ultimate Edition icon
Analyze your PC: Software, hardware and configuration
RAMExpert icon
Get to know your RAM's specifications and performance
Process Hacker icon
Advanced tool to manipulate processes
Sandra Lite icon
Detailed system information and analysis
Process Monitor icon
Free and complete process manager
Intel Processor Identification Utility icon
Know every detail about your processor
USBDeview icon
Registers your PC's use of USB devices
CleanMem icon
Optimize RAM memoryeach 30 minutes
OCCT: OverClock Checking Tool icon
Easily detect any overclock and/or hardware problems
RefreshPC icon
Make your Windows settings like new with just one click
Baidu PC Faster icon
Optimize your computers performance eliminating all the rubbish
Speccy - System Information icon
What's inside your computer? Speccy answers it
FurMark icon
Test out your video card with various analytical tests.
Cloud System Booster icon
Clean up your PC and improve its performance
Revo Uninstaller Pro icon
Uninstall any program, even those hard-to-uninstall ones
StressMyPC icon
Test your processor, graphics card and had disc
BlueScreenView icon
Display all information that caused a Windows 'blue screen of death'
Process Explorer icon
Show all tasks and active processes
Smarter Battery icon
Take care of your Laptop's battery
Fan Control icon
Control your PC fans' speed
Hard Disk Validator icon
Scan your hard drive for errors
HD Speed icon
Compare and analyze your hard disk speeds
WhatChanged icon
Find changes in your registry immediately
Event Log Explorer icon
Monitor, view and analyze events in the Event Log
Regshot icon
Check your registry status for any changes
TrIDNet icon
Identify the forma of the file you are using
PaperScan icon
Improves the quality of your scanned and printed documents
ASUS PC Probe icon
Control hardware aspects of the system in ASUS boards
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