DriveGLEAM icon
Keep an eye on the status of your PC from the system tray
Security Task Manager icon
Keep malware from damaging your computer
CPU TrueSpeed icon
Find out the speed your CPU is running at
Disk Throughput Tester icon
Test your hard drive's performance
Notebook Hardware Control icon
Optimize the performance of your laptop with this tool
HostsClean icon
A program por restoring and editing the host file
Task Manager Modder icon
Customize the look of your task manager
CPU ID icon
Detailed information regarding your processor
WinXP Manager icon
Power up your Windows
Kiply icon
How do you manage your time?
MyEventViewer icon
Monitor and manage your registry and changes to your PC
eSupport BIOS Agent icon
Get information from the BIOS
ServersCheck icon
Monitor the status of your servers and other services
SuperbarMonitor.CPU icon
Control your processor's charge levels from the Windows 7 taskbar
ProcrastiTracker icon
Keep track of the time spent on each program on your computer
QwikMark icon
Measure the power of your computer equipment in seconds
SterJo Task Manager icon
Good task manager alternative
Quick StartUp icon
Manage all programs starting on Windows startup
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