CleanMem icon
Optimize RAM memoryeach 30 minutes
Revo Uninstaller Pro icon
Uninstall any program, even those hard-to-uninstall ones
CPU TrueSpeed icon
Find out the speed your CPU is running at
StressMyPC icon
Test your processor, graphics card and had disc
HD Speed icon
Compare and analyze your hard disk speeds
HD Tach icon
Test the status and performance of your HD
GPU Shark icon
Monitor the state of your graphics card
Cloud System Booster icon
Clean up your PC and improve its performance
GPU-Z icon
Monitors your graphic card's key features
WinPatrol icon
Clean and protect your system with this guardan
PC Speed Maximizer icon
Do you want to boost up your PC?
Game Power icon
Optimize your system for your favorite video games
RAM Inspector icon
Do you know the limits of your PC?
RAM Medic icon
Free up RAM and speed up your PC
PC Booster icon
Increase the performance of your PC with a simple click
Nero CD DVD Speed icon
Check your DVD's drive real performance
Open Hardware Monitor icon
Monitor your PC temperature, speed and voltage
Ki-washer icon
It's time for cleaning your internet and PC
System Cleaner 4 in 1 icon
Clean your system with just one click
RamSmash icon
Speed up your PC and take the best out of your RAM
Meminfo icon
Monitorize and speed up your RAM
Geekbench icon
Do performance tests to your PC
OCCT: OverClock Checking Tool icon
Easily detect any overclock and/or hardware problems