Montezuma's Revenge Remake icon
Montezuma's ruthless revenge
Journey to the Center of the Earth icon
Journey to the Center of the Earth - as fast as you can
Wreck icon
Take Miley Cyrus on an epic adventure
Flood the Chamber icon
Escape the flooding dungeon
Plunger Lunger icon
Swing from side to side
Inkling icon
A ghostly platform adventure
Aztlan:Rise of the Shaman icon
Platforms with Aztec mythology
Fuaim icon
An interactive experience filled with color
Nubarron icon
The adventures of an unlucky gnome
Dracula 13 icon
Super Mario Bros and Splatterhouse come together
Of Light and Shadow icon
Two heroes for one platform adventure
FlipFlop icon
First-person platformer with gravity reversals
Platformines icon
A platformer that's full of action
La Rolloux icon
Skate and shoot your way to the finish line
Super Mega Man 3 icon
A new superhero adventure platform game
Yappyz icon
Free video game platform for PC
Light Quest icon
A magical platform adventure
Bruce Lee II icon
Bruce Lee's sister has been kidnapped!
Demon Drum icon
Control a demon in this fun platform game
Lonely Knight icon
The adventures of a lone knight
Return to the Sky icon
Run along the rooftops to escape the beast
New and Tasty icon
Several mini-games with Mario and company
Cypher icon
Platforms, guns and hackers
In Between icon
A platformer with a transcendental background
Ivan Fuckoff icon
Battle to the death against invading aliens
Sonic After the Sequel icon
The Sonic story continues
Momodora 1 icon
Help little Isadora in her adventure
Momodora 2 icon
A little girl's dangerous adventures
Mr. Rescue icon
Put out fires and rescue children: the work of a real hero
Sienna icon
This cute little cat is sure to die many times...
Broken Cave Robot icon
Help a poor robot escape from a dungeon
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