Milo Applequest icon
Help Milo recover all of the apples in the forest
Twinkle Tales: the Legend of the Snowimps icon
A platformer full of magic and puzzles
Inexistence icon
Platforms and role inspired by Metroid and Castlevania
Super Ninja Julia icon
Get Willy the Martian's potion back
Snowbrawl in HELL icon
Christmas platformer in hell
The End of the World - Remake icon
A Resident Evil/Silent Hill combo in 2D
Final Sight icon
The battle between a camel and the end of the world
Metroid Nexus icon
Samus Aran returns to battle on your computer
Wreck icon
Take Miley Cyrus on an epic adventure
FlipFlop icon
First-person platformer with gravity reversals
Mega Man Revolution icon
A new adventure with the mythical Mega Man
Celestial Mechanica icon
Puzzles and platforms, better with robots
Destroy the Porn icon
Destroy all your porn before someone else finds it
Knytt icon
Will Knytt find her way back home?
Dustforce icon
Using a broom has never been so funny
Arvoesine icon
Action and Platforms in the Roman Empire
Fall Over! icon
Beat all the levels but be careful to keep your balance
I must run! icon
Escape from prison as fast as you can
Valdis Story icon
The fight between heaven and hell has just started
Funny platform game with a vintage look
10800 Zombies icon
Zombies and more zombies to kill in this funny platform game
Lines icon
Funny puzzle game with color balls
Giana’s Return icon
A platformer starring an armed and dangerous blonde
Wake icon
Your boat's going down, get out!
The Kiwi's Tale icon
Save your Kiwi friends throughout New Zealand
Pekka Kana icon
Magnificent and free platform game
Manic Miner icon
Enjoy the classic style of platform games
Ratmania icon
Solve labyrinths controlling a funny mouse
Teeworlds icon
Online battles of creatures armed to the teeth
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