WizardWizard icon
A platform game starring a mage that can't do magic
GitGirl: Battle Rainbow icon
Excellent Megaman X-inspired platform game
Flappy Dust icon
Fly, grab the jars of magic, and avoid the birds
Mail Arigato! icon
Deliver the letters to the right mailboxes
Nightmare Night icon
A 2D platform game in the style of GameBoy
Mr Red’s adventure in The Missing Balls icon
A lovely Christmas platformer for everyone
Monster Prince And The Eternal Kingdom icon
It's the prince against the world
The Art of Dying icon
A platformer in which you'll die many, many times
Milo Applequest icon
Help Milo recover all of the apples in the forest
Twinkle Tales: the Legend of the Snowimps icon
A platformer full of magic and puzzles
Inexistence icon
Platforms and role inspired by Metroid and Castlevania
Super Ninja Julia icon
Get Willy the Martian's potion back
Snowbrawl in HELL icon
Christmas platformer in hell
The Night Before Christmas icon
Deliver presents to the good children and problems to the rest
Deadly Danger Dungeon icon
An unfairly hard 2D Super Mario
Pillage Rush icon
An unlucky viking needs help
Excavatorrr 2 icon
Dig as deep as you can and get all the gold
Artilerry F icon
A Metroidvania starring a girl with magic powers
The End of the World - Remake icon
A Resident Evil/Silent Hill combo in 2D
Fire Point icon
You are a firefighter: put out the fire and rescue people in danger
Final Sight icon
The battle between a camel and the end of the world
Poacher icon
A bunny-hunter in a bloody adventure
Robbie Swifthand and the Orb of Mysteries icon
A gentleman burglar in an epic platformer
Montezuma's Revenge Remake icon
Montezuma's ruthless revenge
Journey to the Center of the Earth icon
Journey to the Center of the Earth - as fast as you can
Wreck icon
Take Miley Cyrus on an epic adventure
Flood the Chamber icon
Escape the flooding dungeon
The Soul of Dracula icon
Only the best vampire slayer can kill Dracula
Plunger Lunger icon
Swing from side to side
Inkling icon
A ghostly platform adventure
Aztlan:Rise of the Shaman icon
Platforms with Aztec mythology
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