Demon Drum icon
Control a demon in this fun platform game
Return to the Sky icon
Run along the rooftops to escape the beast
New and Tasty icon
Several mini-games with Mario and company
Cypher icon
Platforms, guns and hackers
In Between icon
A platformer with a transcendental background
Momodora 1 icon
Help little Isadora in her adventure
Mr. Rescue icon
Put out fires and rescue children: the work of a real hero
RunMan icon
Run, run, run - and don't you ever stop!
You Have to Win the Game icon
Travel through the past jumping from platform to platform
The Great Work icon
Adventure and platforms courtesy of Nifflas
The Button Affair icon
Secret agents, lovers, robberies, and car chases
Isopark icon
A walk in the park? Not exactly.
Destroy the Porn icon
Destroy all your porn before someone else finds it
Ostrich Island icon
An entertaining and original adventure starring an ostrich
Street Fighter X Mega Man icon
Mega Man against the characters from Street Fighter
Endless Forms Most Beautiful icon
A remake of the original platformer for ZX Spectrum
Boondog icon
Escape from all the rooms
Paroxysm icon
Jump, slide, and survive all of the traps
Diamond Dan icon
Dodge traps while exploring complex catacombs
Sqrxz icon
Funny platform game with retro feeling
A Game With A Kitty 2 Darkside Adventures icon
A fun platformer with a touch of adventure
Frogatto icon
Funny platform game starred by a frog
Pekka Kana icon
Magnificent and free platform game
Athame icon
Save the souls locked up with this black cat
Bread of the Wild icon
Help Bro to collect and deliver bread
Happy Blocks icon
Guide a cube across platforms... but avoid the traps!
Reflex Master icon
Dodge obstacles to music with this fast-paced rhythmic game
Eternum icon
A nice tribute to the classic arcade games of the 80s
l'Abbaye des Morts icon
Enter the Abbey of the Dead ... and try to escape
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