Microsoft Debug Diagnostic Tool icon
Define rules to supervise system crashes
XMLFox Advance icon
Excellent programming editor for XML
Intype icon
A code editor that stands out for its autocomplete option
wxWidgets icon
Framework for creating multiplatform user interfaces
phplist icon
Newsletter manager developed in PHP and MySQL
AJAX Chat icon
A chat developed in Ajax for your website
GPix Pixel Ad Script icon
Create your own million pixels website
Python para todos icon
A hundred page Python tutorial in Spanish
Flowplayer icon
Embed flash video on your webpage easily
1 Bit Audio Player icon
Tiny Flash player for websites
Blueframe Web icon
Templates for Flash websites compatible with PocketPC
Forms To Go icon
Validate HTML forms and send the information to an email or database
Firecookie icon
MAnage cookies from Firebug interface
Portable Python icon
Portable version of Python to stick on your USB