HeidiSQL icon
A manager for MySQL databases
App Builder icon
Create HTML5 applications in the simplest way possible
PSeInt icon
Learn logic programming in a different way
Visual Studio Community icon
A multiplatform development environment from Microsoft
Argouml icon
UML editor compatible with version 1.4's standards
Aptana Studio icon
Development environment for dynamic web applications
WebMatrix icon
Everything you need for creating webpages on Windows
UltraEdit icon
Everything a programmer expects from an editor
Orca icon
AJAX user-administrated forum system
SharpDevelop icon
GNU tool for developers similar to Visual Studio
AppServ icon
Install and configure Apache, PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin
Geany icon
Cute and lite development environment
Komodo Edit icon
An IDE optimized for dynamic language programming
Jmeter icon
Check the performance of servers and other services