Bread of the Wild icon
Help Bro to collect and deliver bread
Athame icon
Save the souls locked up with this black cat
Vampajo icon
Help the vampire and the garlic pass the levels
Line Simulator icon
A liberating VR experience to avoid queues
PI.EXE icon
Wipe out malware in this fun platformer
Dualotl icon
A platformer in which you control two characters at the same time
System Of Souls icon
Puzzles and platformers in the distant future
Spatium Inter Nos icon
A puzzle game where the important thing is to cooperate
Save Or Kill icon
Save the cue ball and break the black
Shröminger Katt icon
Solve this puzzle and escape from the experiment
Flare icon
Role playing and action Diablo style
BizHawk icon
A multi-system emulator designed for speedrunners
Battle Drive icon
Spectacular pitched car battles
MuMu Player icon
Take advantage of this emulator by NetEase
FIFA Soccer (GameLoop) icon
All the realism of FIFA, now on your PC
Dragon City Mobile (GameLoop) icon
Build a dragon kingdom on your PC
Dream League Soccer Classic (Gameloop) icon
Get your soccer team as far as possible
Angband icon
Put an end to Morgoth's reign of terror
GZDoom icon
An improved port for the Doom source code
Perfected Doom 3 icon
The best possible version of Doom 3
WowUp icon
Manage your World of Warcraft addons
Blockbench icon
A powerful 3D animation and editing tool
Zandronum icon
The best way to enjoy Doom in all its splendor
TFTactics icon
The perfect companion for playing Teamflight Tactics
Cheat Engine icon
Want to cheat on your video games?
WinUAE icon
An emulator for various models of Commodre Amiga
LoLwiz icon
Improve your level in League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics
Pokemon Uranium icon
A totally new Pokémon fan game
JoyToKey icon
Configure your controller to emulate your keyboard
Mednafen icon
A powerful but simple multi-system emulator
FCEUX icon
One of the most comprehensive NES emulators you can find
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