Stick War 3 (GameLoop) icon
Destroy enemy bases with stickmen on your PC
Pokémon UNITE (GameLoop) icon
Battle with your Pokémon on PC too
Stumble Guys (GameLoop) icon
Survive to the end in this fun clone of Fall Guys
Saint Seiya: Awakening (GameLoop) icon
You can play this great RPG with your PC too
Granny: Chapter Two (Gameloop) icon
The second installment in this terrifying horror saga
Free Fire (GameLoop) icon
One of Android's most popular battle royales available for your PC
Xonotic icon
Frenetic first-person action along the lines of Quake
The Battle for Wesnoth icon
Fight for control over your towns
NoxPlayer Android 9 icon
A powerful emulator for Android 9 and earlier
Cxbx-Reloaded icon
A powerful Xbox emulator for Windows
AppleWin icon
An Apple II emulator for Windows
Raine icon
Old arcade videogames are back in your PC
TeeTINY Online: Tower of Despair icon
A wonderful multiplatform MMORPG
MEmu icon
An Android emulator specially for video games
EmulationStation icon
A good looking front end for your classic emulators
DxWnd icon
Run games and programs in a smaller window
osu! icon
Keep the beat as the songs play
Game Fire icon
The easiest way to add speed to your games
Open Fodder icon
An open-source version of Cannon Fodder
Lost Light icon
This dangerous world comes to PC
The Bub's Brothers icon
A free, multiplayer version of the legendary Bubble Bobble
StepMania icon
Get ready for dancing with your computer
GameEx icon
Media Center for videogame emulators
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