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melonDS icon
A fast and easy Nintendo DS and 3DS emulator
NoxPlayer icon
Powerful Android emulator that's fully compatible
PUBG Mobile AOW4.4 (GameLoop) icon
Enjoy all the PUBG action on your PC
ClipClaps (GameLoop) icon
Enjoy this video platform also in your PC
Helix Jump (GameLoop) icon
Show off your skills in this vertical maze
Candy Crush Saga (GameLoop) icon
Now you can match up candies on PC, too
Bounce and collect (GameLoop) icon
Multiply balls on your PC
Phone Case DIY (GameLoop) icon
Create customized covers also on PC
JoyToKey icon
Configure your controller to emulate your keyboard
Cyber Hunter icon
One of the best battle royales for PC
MEmu icon
An Android emulator specially for video games
osu! icon
Keep the beat as the songs play
Xonotic icon
Frenetic first-person action along the lines of Quake
Sauerbraten icon
Free and amazing Shoot em up
FlightGear icon
Exciting open source flight simulator
LEGO Digital Designer icon
Construct your LEGO buildings in the computer
DBGL: DOSBox Game Launcher icon
A great way to manage your DOSBox games
Blitz icon
The ideal partner to play League of Legends
Doomsday Engine icon
Play Doom and other classics on your computer
Magic Set Editor icon
Create your own Magic or Yu-gi-Oh! trading cards
Runescape icon
One of the oldest MMORPGs is here to stay
WowUp icon
Manage your World of Warcraft addons
Redream icon
The best Dreamcast emulator for Windows
FCEUX icon
One of the most comprehensive NES emulators you can find
Counter Strike 2D icon
Your Counter Strike, now in 2D
Tibia icon
Magic and dragons in this multiplayer online role game
UltraStar Deluxe icon
Time to become an American Idol
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