The Battle for Wesnoth icon
Fight for control over your towns
Free Fire Max (GameLoop) icon
Play Free Fire Max from your PC!
Free Fire (GameLoop) icon
One of Android's most popular battle royales available for your PC
Arena of Valor (GameLoop) icon
Play this great MOBA in your PC as well
The official NCSoft emulator for Lineage 2M
Mednafen icon
A powerful but simple multi-system emulator
FCEUX icon
One of the most comprehensive NES emulators you can find
Mednaffe icon
A simple and effective frontend for Mednafen
Twitch icon
Follow all your favorite streamers
Iter Vehemens ad Necem icon
The inevitable road to death
Fame icon
Colossal role-play adventure that's full of danger
Zorbus icon
A fun roguelike inspired by Dungeons and Dragons
Identity V icon
Run for your life or become a monster: you decide
ScummVM icon
Play old graphic adventures on modern computers
SuperTux icon
Tux game similar to Super Mario Bros
GOG Galaxy icon
The official GOG client
YSoccer icon
Enjoy the magic of Sensible Soccer once again
D3DGear icon
Control framerate and capture videos and snapshots of your games
1964 N64 Emulator icon
Enjoy the oldie Nintendo64 with this emulator
Terasology icon
Minecraft's attractive cousin
bsnes icon
Super Nintendo emulator compatible with 99% of games
Plarium Play Launcher icon
Enjoy all the games from Plarium on your PC
Wakuoo icon
A versatile Android emulator for Windows
Emu Loader icon
Load and control all your emulators
Creative Destruction icon
A free Fortnite-style battle royale that won't disappoint you
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