OpenIV icon
Install mods in GTA V and RDR 2
Freeciv icon
Lead your tribe from Stone age to Space age
DevilutionX icon
The best way to play Diablo on modern computers
Maintenance icon
Run device processes before it warms up
Hysterical Blocks icon
Wait for the right moment and press the screen or click the mouse
Ares icon
A multi-system emulator for more than 20 consoles
OpenTTD icon
Plan the best transport system in the country
Citra icon
The best Nintendo 3DS emulator
MSI Dragon Center icon
Take control of your PC's performance
Armagetron Advanced icon
Futuristic arcade racing game based on the classical Tron
Open Imperium Galactica icon
A free, open source version of Imperium Galactica
Witch Blast icon
A fun roguelite inspired by The Binding of Isaac
Ambermoon.NET icon
The Windows adaptation of the classic Ambermoon
Better Spades icon
A free and improved version of the classic Ace of Spades
Commander Wars icon
An open source Advance Wars clone for Windows
OpenTyrian icon
Open source version of the classic Tyrian
Dune II - The Maker icon
Remake of the mythical strategy game Dune
Daggerfall Unity icon
The best way to enjoy one of the best RPGs of all time
Vassal icon
Have fun playing lots of classic board games
Genshin Impact icon
Play Genshin Impact on your PC
Sonic Robo Blast 2 icon
New revision of this classic game
Tangaria icon
A traditional, multiplayer roguelike
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