LDPlayer icon
Power Android 5.1 emulator
Hoxs64 icon
Minutely-detailed Commodore 64 emulator
Nebula icon
Enjoy Neo Geo games in your computer
Hakchi2 icon
Tool to install ROMs on your Super Nintendo Mini
iDeaS icon
Nintendo DS emulator featuring both two screens
Marathon Infinity icon
The third and last installment of the Marathon saga
In Search of the Light icon
Bring a sliver of light to a world of shadows
Kepler452b icon
A roguelike set on a spaceship
Hawken icon
Most excellent mech combat game
Marathon 2: Durandal icon
The second installment of the franchise that inspired Halo
Marathon icon
A free, open-source version of Halo's predecessor
Grimgala icon
Explore dark dungeons and shoot at anything that moves
Dungeon Nightmares icon
Nightmares in a dark dungeon
Employee Simulator icon
Experience the day-to-day life of a worker
Euro Truck Simulator icon
Drive trucks all over Europe transporting merchandise
Spectromancer icon
Challenge other mages in this strategy and card game
Remix OS Player icon
The most full featured Android emulator on Windows
Art of Rally icon
A gorgeous racing game with a top-down perspective
Radical Relocation icon
It's time to move!
Pretty Good Solitaire icon
Hundreds of possibilities and modes of Solitaire card game
Redundancy icon
Fix the computers in this fun game
Zkiller icon
Fight against endless waves of zombies
Risen3D icon
Open source version of the graphic engine of Doom
Ley Lines icon
First-person action, puzzles, and platforms
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