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ColorDict icon
Encyclopedic dictionary with translation English for kids icon
A virtual tutor for children to learn English
Drops Learn Japanese language kanji and hiragana icon
Learn Japanese in just five minutes a day
Write in Runic icon
Translate any word into runic languages
Learn Python icon
An app for learning Python
Mufti Menk Audio App icon
Listen to the word of Mufti Menk with this app
Learn 50 languages icon
Lessons for beginners in 50 different languages
Duolingo Test Center icon
Test your level of English
العب وتعلم مع عائلة حسام icon
Learn with Youssef, Aboudi and Lara
SkyPortal icon
Get all the information you need to gaze at the sky
QasidasApp icon
A collection of poems written by Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba
TL <> EN Translator icon
A Filipino and English dictionary
Car & Vehicles Puzzle for Kids icon
Puzzles to help children recognize different vehicles
Azan MP3 icon
Audio files and ringtones from the azan
Spanish English Translator icon
An English-Spanish and Spanish-English translator
AudioClip icon
Tons of audiobooks, podcasts, and ASMR in Korean
Advanced English Listening icon
Strengthen your listening comprehension skills in English
SayHi Translate icon
Simultaneous translator for several languages
Easy english grammar icon
Learn how to form sentences in English
TCY icon
Kids Songs icon
Children songs app that will cheer up your little ones
Electrical Calculator icon
A scientific app for calculating electric energy
Hindi English Translator icon
The biggest offline Hindi dictionary
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