Education & Languages

WeSchool icon
Remote classes from your cellphone
Baby Shark icon
Karaoke with this incredibly catchy song
Learn Chinese icon
Learn Chinese from your Android
Dictionary English to all 2019 icon
An English dictionary for your smartphone
Progate icon
On the go coding lessons
Clan RTVE Android TV icon
Watch every series available on Clan TV at any time
Electronics Toolkit icon
Easily create circuits and electronic projects on your device
Kids Learning Word Games icon
An educational app for preschool kids
USMLE icon
Access all your banking services with UWorld
QasidasApp icon
A collection of poems written by Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba
Polish Fun Easy Learn icon
Learn tons of words in Polish!
English Central icon
Tutors and syllabi that will help you learn English
PT <> EN Translator icon
Translate between Portuguese and English with this app
Step by Step Salah icon
How to pray correctly as a Muslim
Takoboto icon
Keep this Japanese dictionary in your pocket
Learn German - 50 languages icon
An application for learning German
Portuguese icon
Babbel brings you the best way to learn Portuguese
Babbel – Aprender español icon
Join this course and learn Spanish
Educational Puzzles icon
Great puzzles for little kids
MindPal icon
Put your brain to the test
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