Education & Languages

Kids Learning Word Games icon
An educational app for preschool kids
Puffin Academy icon
A powerful browser that supports Flash
VOA Learning English icon
Improve your English level by practicing with this program
Packet Tracer Mobile icon
An innovative network simulation and visualization tool
English Urdu Dictionary Free icon
You'll find English and Urdu together in this dictionary
TL-EN Dictionary icon
Translate between Filipino and English
Kids Songs icon
Children songs app that will cheer up your little ones
Jr.Naver icon
A platform full of videos that kids can watch to play and learn
Tinycards icon
Have fun while learning
jpcsim icon
A PC screen simulator to learn how to install operating systems
Korean icon
It's free, fun, and easy to learn Korean in this way!
Study Bunny icon
A small rabbit that keeps you motivated and helps you study
Ayat - Al Quran icon
Access famous reciters of the Quran with this app
English Verbs icon
An excellent tool for conjugating verbs in English
Learn Arabic words with SMART-TEACHER icon
Learning words in pictures with pronunciation, translation and practic
Have fun creating the greatest sushi dishes
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