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Take virtual classes on dozens of different subjects
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Learn a new language by playing games
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Get the results of the WAEC exams
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An easy way to learn English
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A simple way to learn how to program
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Want to read but don't have time for it?
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A virtual guitar or bass teacher icon
Need to find the meaning of a word?
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An app to help music lovers and professionals fine-tune their ear
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Tons of interesting courses to improve your professional skills
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The best way to learn English on your Android
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Check out free classes with Skillshare
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The best collection of learning apps to use in class
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Download the most reliable app for exams in India
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Improve your fluency in more than a dozen different languages
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Learn loads of languages the easy way
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A fun way to learn languages
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One of the biggest translators on iOS comes to Android
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An effective way to learn languages
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Learn and grow with these courses for finding work
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Learn Chinese from your Android
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Arabic-English dictionary
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Prepare for your exams to get the best grades
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A student planner with loads of features
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An educational app for Indonesia
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Learn by solving problems in math, physics, etc.
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Create 3D math models
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Translate words into different languages
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See the paths of the sun, moon, and planets
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Identify any dog breed with just a photo
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Have fun learning with Khan Academy