Education & Languages

Google Classroom icon
Update your classroom ICT capabilities thanks to Google
Brainly icon
Get access to brainpower from around the globe
Duolingo icon
An easy way to learn German, French, or any other language
U-Dictionary icon
An 'offline' dictionary for more than 30 languages
Ridmik Keyboard icon
Type in Bengali and English with this app
Samsung Kids Mode icon
Make your Samsung smartphone suitable for kids
Edmodo icon
A meeting point for teachers and students where learning wins
English Dictionary - Offline icon
An English dictionary for Android
Merriam-Webster Dictionary icon
The world's most widely used monolingual dictionary
Kahoot! icon
Learn while having fun!
Unacademy icon
A fine way to prep for India's top examinations
HelloTalk icon
Practice languages with native speakers via messages
Mathway icon
Calculus, algebra, statistics ... this app will solve your problems!
Kali Linux icon
Learn to install Kali Linux in a virtual machine
ClassDojo icon
A communication system for students and professors
Udemy icon
All kinds of courses for learning new things
Blackboard icon
Access all the information you need about your classes
World Atlas icon
Learn geography with more than 500 countries, capitals, and flags
Tandem icon
Have a language exchange from the comfort of your Android
Hi translate icon
Translate from English into all different languages
SoloLearn: Learn to Code for Free icon
A free online course for learning how to code
Elsa Speak icon
Improve your accent in English!
ScratchJr icon
Create your own stories while learning programming
Khan Academy icon
Khan Academy's official app
Testbook icon
Download the most reliable app for exams in India
Thesaurus icon
A language tool to help you find synonyms
Pocket Code icon
Create and edit Catrobat programs with this programming environment
Mimo icon
A simple way to learn how to program
Smartick icon
An educational app for children between 4 and 14 years old